"In every media, my intention is to capture the emotion of a moment in time and space.”

- Michaela Jordan Karni

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Featured Piece:

"Great Egret"
Oil.  20" x 24". Framed.  $500

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Quench: Water in the Desert

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"Just got that wonderful Buffalo print framed for my husband and it looks so great in our living room!  It really suits our style so well."  - Caitlin Hecsh
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“I love Michaela's work and own several of her paintings. In particular, I like her landscapes as they reflect in a visual and emotional sense the beauty and memories of our beloved New Mexico places. She is always open to new ideas and she continues to explore new boundaries as an artist.” - Nancy Langer
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"It is so wonderful to watch her beautiful work evolve over the years. I love the vibrant colors, eclectic subjects, and beautiful composition of the pieces...such a treat to see." - Rebecca Gibel
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